Is the Amazon Kindle a Device Worth Having?

Is the Amazon Kindle a Device Worth Having?


Now that eBooks are getting more and more popular, a lot of people are asking themselves: is the Amazon Kindle really a good e-reader device? Let’s take a closer look.

Simply put, an e-reader is a device that looks like a tablet PC and is specially designed to help people read electronic books without needing to use a computer.The Amazon Kindle is definitely the most popular of these devices and has experienced record sales.This is not surprising, considering the fact that Amazon is currently the leader in terms of online sales of books.In its electronic book store, readers can find many different kinds of books, such as Romance Books, as well as more practical, non-fiction books such as business guides. Over the years, just like with any other device, the Amazon Kindle has undergone some changes.The most recent version of the Kindle has been redesigned to be more portable and also to have a clearer screen to make reading easier.Those who are wondering as to whether or not they need the Amazon Kindle need to ask themselves as to whether they would find it convenient to have an e-reader that would let them comfortably read their eBooks, no matter where they are. Unlike what some people may think, the Kindle is not restricted to reading eBooks that have been sold through the Amazon website.The most recent version of the device supports PDF files, which are the most common standard for online documents and eBooks distribution.As such, people can read plenty of third party content like online erotic books, or trade publications which would not otherwise be available in the Kindle web store. The device does, however, have a few limitations.The screen is currently only available in black and white, as emphasis is placed on reproducing the ink on a book page, rather than delivering mind blowing multimedia graphics like on regular tablet PCs.This will probably not be a problem for most people, but it can complicate things if you are reading publications that are in color. The Amazon Kindle comes in two versions, the WiFi and the 3G+WiFi.The 3G+WiFi allows you to connect to Amazons 3G cellular Whispernet network for free and download new content on the device as well as browse the internet looking for information, such as consulting Wikipedia.However, it is not a full-fledged internet device and it really wasnt meant to be used as such.Therefore, its browser is quite limited and may not work on some websites, but for downloading eBooks and looking up simple information , it still does its job quite well.

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