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: How to Convert PDFs for the Amazon Kindle


The capability of the recently-released Amazon Kindle DX to natively support PDF files has finally solved a long-standing problem with the Kindle — that of reading PDF documents. But those who own the older Kindle versions still have to do the needed conversions. Here are the steps to getting this done.


With the release of the Kindle DX, Amazon finally gave an answer for the Kindle PDF queries that flooded the internet. With the Kindle 2, there is no native PDF file support. Try to load a PDF and you get nothing. Amazon’s first solution was to offer file conversion for a minimal fee. You simply send them your PDF and they will convert it to run on your Kindle. However, this led to many people wondering why they should pay to have every PDF converted. There had to be a way to do it yourself. Turns out that there is a way, but it still isn’t perfect.

One thing you should know about the Kindle is that while it does not recognize PDF files, it can read PRC files. So what we’re essentially doing here is to convert the original documents into files that are recognized by the device. If you’re using a PC, the Mobipocket Creator is one of the programs that you can use for the conversion process, while if you’re Mac user, you can use Stanza. The end result is the same.

The conversion process that you would need to go through using the Mobipocket Creator is a relatively simple one. Just open the program, select the import file option, then browse your PC and click on the PDF file you wish to have converted. Then select the HTML created and click on the build button. Depending on the file size, the build process can be done quickly enough, and in the end you get the file format that you need. Errors may come up during the conversion process but you can just ignore these. The file you get may be readable on the Kindle but it’s not a perfect copy and some elements may be lacking like a table of contents.

If you are on a Mac, Stanza makes the process even easier. Simply find your file in the database and choose the Export Book As option. You will see that Amazon Kindle is one of the conversion choices.

You should note that these file conversions are not always perfect. As stated earlier, you will not get a table of contents standard with the conversion. The program comes with the option to create one, however. If your PDF is large or you need it to be properly organized, it might be worth your time to build a table of contents yourself. You may also experience some clunky conversion sectors, but they shouldn’t make the document illegible. If everything goes smoothly, you should end up with a readable Kindle PDF document.

There is always the option of e-mailing your documents in to have them converted, but it can be expensive over time and takes a while for the document to get back to you. If you’re more interested in doing it yourself, these are just two programs that have the ability to convert the files. There may be other programs, even better programs, but you will have to do some searching to find the one you like the most. If you are just looking for a Kindle PDF conversion, these programs make it easy enough for anyone to handle.

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